Complete Fleet Services of Southwest Pennsylvania understands the costs and logistics of fleet management. Many companies with fleets of trucks choose to handle their fleet management in-house because they believe it will end up saving them money. Fleets that aren’t professionally managed are going to end up costing the company more in both repairs and lost time, so it generally costs more over time to manage fleet Maintenance internally.

Fleet maintenance & repair services are something most companies can afford. Small and medium-sized businesses have to keep a eye on the bottom line to stay in business. When outsourcing becomes the more affordable option for fleet management, it’s a good option to consider for all maintenance & repairs, or even overflow help for an internal maintenance shop or mechanic.

But how does outsourcing fleet management save money?

  • Lowers the cost of repairs:  A professional fleet maintenance service will spend time focusing on preventative maintenance for your vehicles. Preventative maintenance can help prevent more costly, time-consuming repair work in the future. Scheduled work like tire rotation, oil changes, and other maintenance can keep a fleet running problem-free. During the lifetime of your fleet vehicles, you’ll end up spending less keeping them running.
  • Free up internal labor resources:  Do you need a full-time fleet manager on staff? When companies handle fleet maintenance in-house, they are often paying someone a full-time salary when they don’t need to be. They can save labor costs by turn the work over to an outsourced maintenance. That frees your budget up for more important business endeavors and offers more availability by having a larger pool of labor to draw from.  It’s FASTER too.
  • No investments in fleet maintenance equipment:  When companies  manage their fleets in-house, they have to invest capital in equipment to do all job. That means purchasing expensive management software, tools and diagnostic devices. Add shop space to that, and It’s a huge expense that some businesses won’t want to take on.

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